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Tom's Videos

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Beach - Drone, Waves and Sand on Kangaroo Island

The road goes ever on and on.



Airpower DSC Regatta 2023

Laser 4.7 owns the fleet.

Laser Start, DSC Regatta 2023


Shaw Thing Old Man Rock

Taser Twilight

Monkey Me


Whitby (Park and Ride)

Where is Minxi?

The Old Man of Coniston


Helvellyn and Striding Edge


Ribblehead Viaduct


Fanging it...

Getting salty at Eli Creek

Even Karma Finish



Talking Swahili Winning Dance

Shaw Thing Finishing


Live Stream test Twilight One

Souths B Grade Grand Final 2015

Ms Palmer


Secret Kiwi Dropbear Facility

Begining of the End

End of the Season Shaw 650



DS19 - route with voice over

First Edit Of the Bow Sprit Cam


Very rushed Day 2 of DSC March Racing Champs

Shaw Thing DSC champs Day one

DSC Champs 2019 Day 1


Shaw Thing Bowsprit Selfie.


CSI Sandbar


DSC Championships 2018

The youth of today

Shaw 650 Harbour 7 Race (longer)


Shaw Thing Harbour Race 7 Short

Vitamin B Twilight 2018

Twilight Sail


Kermit Sandabr

2018 Year of the Rabbitohs!

Twilight Test


Twilight Sail Advert

Shaw Thing Fannie Bay Bucket 2018



Cyclone Marcus

Cyclone Marcus

Game One Try Souths v Palmy


Bunnies V Swampies

Saumlaki Race 2017



2017 - The Tries - South Darwin Rabbitohs

June 4th Race - Darwin Sailing Club

Elliot 7 - the pink one.


B Grade Souths V Cougars

Souths v Cougars Warren Park Second Half

Souths v Cougars Warren Park first half


Vitamin B Sunset

Darwin to Ambon 2016 race start



South Darwin Bunnies Full Game

South Darwin Bunnies 2016

South Darwin Rugby Union Club presents the PM, Malcolm Turnbull, with a singlet.


South Darwin Rabbitohs 40th Anniversary Messages

Kaboom - super pit Kalgoorlie



90 Mile Straight (at 120 times speed)

OUTRUN - 90s video game style through the Parachilna Gorge

18 ft Skiff Worlds 2016 Day 1


Orbit - Shaw 10 - Offshore

Classic 18ft Skiff

That feeling you get when you fix something....



Vitamin B

Talk'n Swahili


CKB's Blake

DSC Champs 2014

CKB's Joe


Abort!!! Abort!!!

Con Air

Aqualuna and Fai Tira Leaving Fiji, 2010


HHG20 - Episode 4 "Better Late than Never"

Rabbitohs V Cougars 28th July

Dragons 2nd half 1.avi


A Grade Rabbitohs V Dragons, First Half

Damn Battery

Rabbits V Casuarina



Dominque's Breakfast

Tarvana Yacht Club


The Poseidon Adventure

Surfin' Boys

Racing Rules of Sailing (for dummies)


Brighton Sailing Club Training Day

Island Kea II

Apataki (Depreciated see new version)


Sinclair C5

RS600 Video

Shaw Thing - Downhill Harbour Race.


Tuesday Nights

's terrible living in Darwin



Nearly works...

Mrs Palmer V Cockatoo

Rabbitohs Killer Beez v Palmy Crocs


TEST Ignore 2

TEST Ignore 2

Orbit - Shaw 10 - Offshore



Swell Chaser

Driving Miss Shermy (7 inch Single)


Episode 5 - Great Balls of Fire

Hole in the Wall

A day in the office






Wet Season Sail

Episode 6 - Road Worrier

18Ft Worlds 2011


Wilderness Railway

God Save the Queen (Mary II)

Gone Fishin (for crocs)



Tenderness, learning to love your inflatable friend



Nuku Hiva

Sea Lion Snorkel

Dark November


Lonely at the top

Leaving Apataki

Bugger Bognor


Brighton SC at Paddle Round the Pier

BSC Regatta (canceled)

Kayak Surfing at BSC.


Paddle Round the Pier Video

Tombstoning the Royal bath

Land Jumping


Volcano Video


Panama Canal Video


I14 Clip