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Quote: There are two sorts of yachts in Fiji, those that have hit a reef and those that are going to hit a reef. - Unknown Rallist

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On The subject of Elliott Sevens

My sailing club has 4 Elliott 7s – as in 7S, there is a plaque on each of them with an S. Not sure what it stands for.

Its not “Sport” or shouldn’t be. An Elliott 7 (1991) is a Sportsboat – defined as there’s one for sale under boats for sale on the Australian Sports Boat Association Website.

There used to be one up here – Gadzooks – in this video you can see it doing 13+ Knots across Turbull Bay on the way home from Crab Claw Island. 13 Knots on a boat from last millennia with a metal mast, white sail only on a cruise is faster than I have ever been on a “new” Elliott 7S.

My top speed is 12kn on the club boats, from the twentyteens with the carbon masts. Down a wave with the kite up in the monsoon.....

Since this is my website…..

I’ll go further – the E7 Keelboat – that’s the new one and it is, absolutely, a keelboat. In the traditions of Dragons, Etchells, Soling’s and Stars. I.E. its narrow and slow.

They appears to be VERY slow.

I know I own a Shaw 650. I know they’re a training boat. I know they’re sold in bulk to clubs – 4 to a shipping crate. I know that’s what defines the width but….

Why is the carbon mast basically a telegraph pole? A Carbon mast is built to bend and work with the sails. Well every other carbon mast this one appears to have been designed to hold up power lines.

Why are they so expensive? I heard $80 or $90k – I think without a trailer. Pretty sure you’d get 2 Shaw 650’s (don’t use for training) and I’m certain you’d get 2 Far East 19s (which you could).

Incidentally the Far East, the Shaw, The Elliott 7 Sportsboat and every other small boat has a transom hung rudder – that’s inexpensive, practical and easy to fix. The E7 Keelboat has a rudder inboard from the transom. Why ‘in case it gets hit’ – well the club had to replace one – a transom rudder would not cost 9K. In fact pretty sure you's be able to buy 2 transom hung ones for that.

Don’t get me started on the mast lock, there’s no system or part that would not be instantly familiar to a 1970s sailor. Up to and including the WIRE main halyard. Except there is a lock on the main halyard. It terrible and doesn’t work.

Why so slow? I’m really not sure, they look good on paper. Loads of sail, deep draught, carbon mast. I can only conclude they are fucking heavy and badly designed. When the clubs sell them off remember what I said, you will be disappointing and you'll have to put up with the fixed keel which will be a pain. Don't buy one.

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