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Hurrah for the blackshirts

Facebook slapped the assembled screenshot right in my face yesterday.

Which I posted god knows how long ago. 

I assume it is their "anti fascist" filter I fell foul of.

Frankly its not good enough

  • It took FOREVER to pick it up
  • It OK to call out fascism 

Where the line is drawn between conservatism/main stream right wing politics and fascism is debatable. The violent lurch to the right probably doesn't qualify yet - but its awful close and fails to condemn those that do.

I have been schooled since birth that its morally justifiable to shoot fascists, however its not OK to lampoon them on Facebook.

Not good enough Facebook.

What is also not good enough is - "flashing" the card to the right (not that kind of right) up and asking me to agree then vanishing with no ID number or ability to follow up, which is exactly like their copywrite policy is not good enough. This needs to be traceable and transparent this is not.

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