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The Fannie Bay Sea Monster.

It has many names – ground effect vehicle (GEV), wingship, but everyone calls them Ekranoplans. The Russian name. I recon the USSR earned the naming rights with a behemoth know in the west as the ‘Caspian Sea Monster’.

If you fly low just above the ground, you can ride on the cushion of air under the wings. Or with a really heavy plane with tiny wings. Due to the prevalence of things like trees, cows, people power lines, termite mounds, etc. on land ‘very low’ is problematic. The sea is nice and flat and you need to be really low for a GEV.

Someone round here’s built one and it is epic. Here’s the video of it flying of the club a couple of weeks back.

There’s lots of great YouTube videos on Ekranoplans here’s a starter https://youtu.be/x22nVFTd8nI just google it.

So if southerner asks: “is it a Bird?”  “Is it A Plane?” “is Gary on a Moth?” You can go “no its an Ekranoplan”

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