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Hi Resolution Photographs

Here are my best photographs, high resolution images you can use to brighten up your computers desktop or just print out if you can afford the ink. Thumbnails take you to full size images use the link below each image to re size.

These are free for non commercial use, you may not make money from these images you must acknowledge the source.

Pennington Bay

Thumbnail for Pennington Bay

Kangaroo Island Pennington Bay


Thumbnail for Sedbergh


Clifford Tower

Thumbnail for Clifford Tower

Cliffords tower York, named after the man who used to hang people off it.


The Old Man of Coniston

Thumbnail for The Old Man of Coniston

54°22′12″N 3°07′08″W

Striding Edge

Thumbnail for Striding Edge

Striding Edge from near the top of Helvellyn Lake District UK54°31′38″N 3°00′58″W


Thumbnail for swamp

Tabletop Swamp in the Wet, Litchfield NP.


drop bear

Thumbnail for drop bear

resting after eating some children


Thumbnail for lizzie

Lizzie the Lizzard

Shaw Thing with logos

Thumbnail for Shaw Thing with logos

I made this


Ruby Gap

Thumbnail for Ruby Gap


Thumbnail for Parrtjima

Parrtjima festival of Lights Alice Springs


Thumbnail for Camp

Davenport Ranges



Thumbnail for Angels

Devils Marbles

Thumbnail for Devils Marbles

Niue Sunset

Thumbnail for Niue Sunset

Jackal at Anchor


Banaue Rice Terraces

Thumbnail for  Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Bridge

Thumbnail for Banaue Bridge


Hong Kong

Thumbnail for Hong Kong

The Peak Tram, Hong Kong


Shaw Thing 2020

Thumbnail for Shaw Thing 2020

NT Championships 2020


Thumbnail for Bridge

Ben Lomond

Thumbnail for Ben Lomond

Queenstown New Zealand


Shaw Thing 2019

Thumbnail for Shaw Thing 2019

Kite up on a Shaw 650

Crash Gybe

Thumbnail for Crash Gybe

Couldn't go behind couldn't go in front. Gybing....


Thumbnail for Hooning

Finishing a race on a Shaw 650



Thumbnail for Moon

Emma George

Thumbnail for Emma George

Emma George Bird


Thumbnail for Sunset

Wyndham I think


Prison Boab

Thumbnail for Prison Boab

Broome? I think...


Thumbnail for Dust

Clean me.

Node 3

Thumbnail for Node 3

Still posted, and did so for many years after this.



Thumbnail for Churchkey

SV Churchkey formally Grumpy, Near Saumlaki


Thumbnail for Nustabun

Nustabun Island Near Saumlaki

Shaw Thing

Thumbnail for Shaw Thing

First Race


DSC Sunset

Thumbnail for DSC Sunset

We Get these every day, its miserable

Silent Street

Thumbnail for Silent Street

Near the Pinnacle, Grampians, VIC

Lake Jindabyne

Thumbnail for Lake Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne at sunset


18 Ft Skiff

Thumbnail for 18 Ft Skiff

18ft Skiff Worlds 2016

No Junk Mail

Thumbnail for No Junk Mail

No junk mail please

Blue Distance

Thumbnail for Blue Distance

Near Glenn Innes - I think.


The Dish

Thumbnail for The Dish

The Walls of Kanangra

Thumbnail for The Walls of Kanangra

Kanangra-Boyd National Park

The Walls of Kanangra

Thumbnail for The Walls of Kanangra

Kanangra-Boyd National Park



Thumbnail for Churchkey

Churchkey, Moored in Amahusu, Ambon, Indonesia


Thumbnail for Australia

I made this for a facebook post. I like it.

Winjana Gorge

Thumbnail for Winjana Gorge

Winjana Gorge in the Kimberlies


Satanic Test Card.

Thumbnail for Satanic Test Card.

In 2002 I got a front page for this BBC Test Card on for this, 12 years on Its been Digitally re-mastered in glorious HD.


Thumbnail for Crash

The Crashed Spaceship from Pitch Black in Coober Peedy

Land Diving

Thumbnail for Land Diving


Port Keats Road

Thumbnail for Port Keats Road

Old Land Cruisers Never Die, my boss pulled over to scavenge bits off this one


Thumbnail for Moorea

Comming out through the reef in Tahiti, Moorea in the back ground - Photo by Christian


Thumbnail for Wrecks


Dawn in Arnhem Land

Thumbnail for Dawn in Arnhem Land

Dawn anchored laving Malay Bay in Arnhem Land, typical Terrirtories sunrise over the bush. Yacht is an aussie boat called "swaggie". Photo taken by Pete (

Cradle Mountain

Thumbnail for Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain, rising above Dove lake, Tasmania. Taken (ahem) from the car park.


Thumbnail for Fish

Jacques Cousteau, and my, favourite snorkel spot, just inside Pass Tiputa, Rangiroa



Thumbnail for Rail

The Ghan Railway line though the outback, connects Adelaide and Darwin following the route of the old camel trains.


Thumbnail for Anchored

Island Kea anchored in Rangiroa

Salt Lake

Thumbnail for Salt Lake

Dry lake bed with rusty (and unexplained) railway wheels



Thumbnail for Booby

The classic photo of a Blue Footed booby (photo by Katrin)


Thumbnail for Outback

Jumping Salty

Thumbnail for Jumping Salty

A wild crocodile in the Adelaide River



Thumbnail for Lagoon


Thumbnail for Volcano

Booby on Board

Thumbnail for Booby on Board



Thumbnail for Lychees

Fruit, up close and personal

River Sky

Thumbnail for River Sky

River in Rieatea, Society islands French Polynesia. On a Calm day. It is deliberate.


Thumbnail for Boring

Bora Bora Lagoon


The Rock

Thumbnail for The Rock

boat shed, Nuie Style

Huku Hiva Wallpaper

Thumbnail for Huku Hiva Wallpaper

Hatiheu bay Nothern Huku Hiva, Iles Marquesas, French Polynesia.

Hakaui Wallpaper

Thumbnail for Hakaui Wallpaper

The river lagoon as it meets the sea Hakaui, AKA Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva, Iles Marquesas, French Polynesia. Photo by Katrin.


Sea Lion Wallpaper

Thumbnail for Sea Lion Wallpaper

Sea Lion comes to play in Floreana Island, Galapagos

No the picture is the right way up, its the Sea Lion that's upside down. There's a cracking video of this guy's friend here.

Nelson's Dockyard by Night

Thumbnail for Nelson's Dockyard by Night

Nelson's Dockyard Antigua, by night

Rangiroa Lagoon

Thumbnail for Rangiroa Lagoon

The loverly lagoon at Rangiroa in the Tuamotos, yacht Jackal at anchor.