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14 Forever

Despite the fact is basically a wreck, was built in the 80's (Margret Thatcher). It still floats, this boat is indead a forteen and appears to be still going. Its had several rigs the rudder gantry has broken its been 'olled below the waterline by Roger's Hobie 16. Dismasted twice, its jib was 30 quid from ebay the spinnaker off a bloke from Chichester. Its still going. Its possible 14's are indead forever. Its old knackered but still more fun downwind than anything else I've owned*

*not that I admit to owning this boat.

upside down

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In Control

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The Boat in front

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is a fourteen

Yeee Hawww

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Manovering badly

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Jim Helming off the wire.

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Henry the student

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No wind

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Me bored


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The sun shines out of you arse

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If your a 14 sailor